About Us

iSun specializes in these manufacturing core competencies:

  • Plastics - Precison Injection-molding
  • Metals - Castings, Extrusion, Full Fabrication, Machining, Stamping
  • Electrical and electronic components
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Load cells - measuring / monitoring technologies
  • Electro-mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • General and complex assembly
  • Complete product builds
  • Finishing, decoration and packaging

iSun is dedicated to helping OEMs and other suppliers lower production costs by providing reliable, well-managed engineering and manufacturing services. We combine design, engineering, manufacturing, technology, marketing, finance, strategy and global logistic services to deliver measurable cost savings while mitigating risks.

Headquartered in Metro Boston, iSun has offices in Hartford, CT, Toronto, Hong Kong and in China. We also extend our “manufacturing reach” by using a network of pre-qualified, third-party sub-contractor supplier/partners with whom we have established, trusted relationships.

Our customized solutions range from the production of a single component up to and including the replication and relocation of an entire department, production line or manufacturing operation.

Through an affiliated company, i-DEA Group, iSun offers a full range of design and new product development services - www.i-DEA-Group.com

iSun's TPM (Total Project Management) System includes:

iSun focuses on discovering process improvements. The iSun TPM system results in reduced purchased part/assembly costs and equal or often improved quality and product performance. iSun's outsourcing program allows you to:

Let us put our capabilities to work for you
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