Working With Us

iSun produces quality, custom-manufactured components, sub-assemblies and complete multi-component finished products at our factories in the USA and China. iSun takes ownership of the entire process, ensuring our customers' expectations are exceeded. Our customers receive formally quoted FDC ("Fully Delivered Cost"), which includes the manufacturing cost, quality assurance/testing, freight, insurance, importation, customs, duty and full delivery cost to any world-wide destination. Production is scheduled and managed in accordance with our customers' requirements.

An iSun team directed by a senior manager based in North America or Asia works closely with each customer to understand their specific needs, requirements, opportunities and challenges. iSun, together with the client, builds a development and production plan which will produce the required results. iSun directs and schedules the production and deliveries in coordination with our client’s needs. The job planning, set-up, production, scheduling, quality assurance and all logistics is carefully and continuously monitored to ensure that each customer requirement is satisfied. When launching new products the speed to market is critical, iSun has consistently proven the ability to handle complex engineering and manufacturing projects and accelerate the path to market.

iSun's clients receive measurable benefits, such as lowered part costs and increased production capabilities that are possible through our capabilities, resources and relationships. iSun's customers find themselves more competitive, allowing them to win new business by leveraging world-class engineering and manufacturing resources.